Tech Question (ravelry button)

I’ve been trying to a put a Ravelry button that links to my page in my sig but it’s not working. I copied all the code and put in my URLs, but clearly I’m doing something wrong.

When I go to hit preview it’s just empty, nothing there at all. Can anyon help me out?

Nevermind, I think I did it!

Can you tell me how you did it?? I see folks with multiple buttons in their signatures. I had one in there before the board was upgraded. I’ve been able to add one since. If I try to put anything else in there, it either removes one of them (if I upload the image & check the box), or doesn’t show up (if I type it in with the tags). I’m confused. :??:shrug: (Which is actually normal for me, but I digress…:rofl:)

I think (but I’m not sure) that you can only have 2 images in your sig at any one time. So people with more than that are likely taking their multiple images and combining them into one large image via editing software. People who have those knitting “badges” for example.

So I could, for example: take my Oddball button, a knitting badge, and a pic of my dog and edit it them in irfanview or photoshop or prolly even MSPaint so that all three images in a row, or column, was one single image. I could then upload that single image to my KH sig…but it would look like three different buttons. Does that make any sense?

And other people…is what I said about an image limit even true?

That does make sense. When I’ve got some time, I’ll play around with it. Thanks!!!

That worked!!! Thank you!!!:woohoo::cheering::muah:


Way to go! :thumbsup:

Okay, can someone break this down into very very simple language. How do I copy codes? Where do I get these codes from? Where do I copy them to? I would like to add a Ravelry button and an Oddball Charity Knitting button. Help???

You save the buttons to your computer, then upload them. I found the Ravelry button on their Wiki (inspiredworks section). Once it’s saved to your computer, you can upload it into your signature.

Sandy had the Oddball button saved to her Flickr account, so actually you could just get the full link, copy it, and paste it between tags in your signature. (at least, I think that works!)

Does that help at all, or have I just confused you more??

Okay, I got the button on there, but how do I get it to be a clickable link like Hama and Silver?

I am too dumb to do this for myself. Does anyone have the code?
I thought I did it right with a Mason button, but it didn’t work either.
All I can figure to do is save picture as…
Can someone pm the code?:shrug:

Someone walked me through it, oh ok dh did it for me:teehee:… but I think we went hereand then saved one to my computer… then took it to flickr and then brought it here…

I’m basically copying and pasting someone’s post from Ravelry, but here’s the code and how to put it in your sig so that it’s a clickable link:

[a href=“” target=“new”] [img src=“DIRECT LINK TO BUTTON PHOTO”] [/a]
You have to replace the [] brackets with <> brackets, and fill in the http:// address for the photo/button you want. you can also replace the [img src=" "] with text and it will make the text the hyperlink to whatever site you want.


Pssst… mod’s can edit signatures. I don’t know about the other mods, but I wouldn’t mind editing your siggy’s if you need me to. PM me with what you want, the URL of the link and any images, etc, and I’ll do them as I have time. Once I’ve edited it for you, you can look at the code yourself to see how it was done. :thumbsup: