Tech help please. trouble with sig

im having trouble changing my signature. i wanted to add a button from Knitting Daily. I have the html code for it but when i tried to add it it didnt show. now when i go back in to try and alter it, it won’t even let me click into the text box. what am i doing wrong?

That’s odd… :??

Hopefully, one of the more experienced mods will help out.

I also noticed that your posts have a strange view.

I’m not sure what happened,but I was albe to change it through our main control panel. Please check again and see if you are able to edit it now.

It looks fine to me now. What are you trying to change?

I cannot change my sig either. I haven’t been able to for months.


It would help if you could be more specific. Are you trying to add a link or image?

It’s an html ticker. And I’ve tried different ones from different sites.

You GO, kemp! :thumbsup: I wanna be like you when I grow up. :slight_smile:

I haven’t used tickers, but it may be the html not your sig. Maybe you could PM someone who uses a ticker to ask about putting it in? :think:

Alright thanks Jan

I think I finally got it to work.

Oh I like that ticker! Most of them are huge, but that one is short and sweet!

I like it too! :heart: