Tearing out

Ok, so now I have to tear out two rows (st). Where do I start? Which side of the stitch? Should I just lay it down on the table nice and flat, and pull the needles?

Just how big is the piece you are working on? If it’s not too big you can just “un-knit” it back to the problem spot. Or tink back as it’s known in the knit world.:knitting:

This frogging thing is one of the things why crochet is sooo much more easier to frog than knitting. But we’re knitting here not crocheting lol!!:thumbsup:

Just carefully place the stitches back on the left needle while pulling the “live” stitch back off, just keep doing that til you get to the fubar and then just start from there.:guyknitting:

I was 18 rounds into a fingerless mitt when I came across a stitch that I just couldn’t figure out…fortunately, it was just one round below…so I carefully unknit the round, only to find yet another fubar stitch. I was so frustrated (it was another round previous) that I pulled out every stitch and started over. I hope this will teach me to look at what I am doing, while I’m doing it (as opposed to waiting). Oy.