Tearing out knit row above row of YO K2 TOG. OMG! It's a mess


I’m working a shawl that calls for a row of YO K2 TOG. I did that. The following row is a knit to the end of the row. Something-not sure what-caused me to tear out about 5 knit stitches in the row above the YO K2 TOG row. Now when I go to reknit those the YO K2 stitches do not look the same and fail to make an eyelet. Help fixing this, please. Hopefully without tearing clear back to the row before the YO K2 TOG row. Thank you!


Trying for a better shot



Welcome to KH!
It looks like you should be able to pick up the yarn overs and re-create that row. Count across as you do this, the k2tog, the yo, etc.
Maybe this will help?


Thank you for this. I did see it and stared at my mess and this video for quite some time but never saw the light. :grin: I ended up ripping–my standard solution in both knitting and sewing–and am ready to begin again.


Oh, no! I’m sorry that you had to do that. Sometimes it helps to rip down to a plain knit row and then insert the needle into each stitch as you pull out the yarn.
Try a lifeline, especially with lacework.