Teapots that are not the same

I am talking about those teapot with th ehandle on top. I have a little one from pier 1 with a bamboo handle, as does the person I want to make a tea cozy for. Is there a pattern that anyone has seen that is made for these guys, or do I need to sit and do 3 hours of math until I break something?

I’ve never seen a pattern for this shape, but I’m envisioning a tube shape for the body with maybe a few decreases opposite each other at the top. Then along one top edge, a rectangular flap, say across 1/3 to 1/2 of the stitches (the same measurement as the inside width of the handle), which you could run under the handle and button or tie on the opposite side. Ok, I haven’t allowed for the spout. hmmmm…You could make a half circle bag-shape with a small button-hole type hole for the spout and a larger slot for the handle? The big slot could have a loop and button closure under the handle.

OK, enough envisioning. Here’s a pic of the type you’re looking for - unfortunately the pattern isn’t free: http://www.earthheartdesigns.com/images/Patterns/Basketweave%20Cabled%20Tea%20Cozy/basketweave%20cozy%20on%202%20teapots.jpg.

I can see why you’re frustrated -there’s nothing out there for you! I see a little math in your future. Sorry.