Teaching slow learner

Hi, I’m a knitter of 50+ years experience. I have taught knitting for about 10 years. I now have a lady who comes to weekly knitting lessons/help who seems unable to learn the simplest procedure. She has been coming since October of '15. I suspect she does not practice at home but even the repeated hints/help in class should have resulted in progress by now. What can be done to help her? Do I need to try her on crochet? This is major frustration for me and I can’t figure out why she keeps coming if she’s not learning!

Any suggestions?

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How very curious. Have you asked her or the entire class why they want to learn to knit? I wonder if your student comes for the congeniality and interaction with others more than for the actual lessons. Frustrating for you but perhaps enjoyable and helpful for her?

She must have some serious learning or neurological disability. Some disconnect between her hands and her brain. Can she drive herself to class? Is there perhaps a friend or family member you could talk to? It might help if you knew the reason for the difficulty.

This same exact thing happened to me with one of my students and I was VERY frustrated with having to untangle this woman’s yarn every week. Then I found out that she was coming with her daughter to talk with everyone. After that I let her daughter untangle everything and I breathed easier!!!