Teaching sister to knit

My little sister sees me knitting and wants to learn sooooo bad! :thumbsup: The problem, you see, is that she has a very low patience level and would probably end up driving a hole in the wall with the needle. :doh: :roflhard: (She’s 7, so she really would!) She knows how to finger-knit (slip the loop over the other loop on your finger. It’s hard to explain) I’ll post some pix soon.) and loves it, but she wants to take it further. How would the best way to teach her? She doesn’t want to embarrass herself to death from not understanding stuff during a knitting lesson. My mom said she’d be better off with me teaching her to knit, which is fine with me. :aww: If she get’s frustrated (which happens often) she would frog the work :frog: and throw the knitting needles. :fingerwag: I sometimes let her help wrap the yarn around the needle (listen, I said SOMETIMES, plus I knit English) and she wants to hold the needles and will occasionally grab them and do it wrong. :gah: I want to teach her but how?

do a search, there are fairy tales that “teach” the knit and purl stitches, then you can just say the verse from the story. That is how I taught my 7 year old son. He is working on a stockinette piece (slowly) but he’s doing great at both knit and purl! Sometimes he’ll recite the verse again himself, as a reminder.

Our knit verse is something like:
In through the front door, round to the back
Pick up your sack
Out through the window,
Off jumps Jack!

Purl verse:
Dive right down,
Wrap round the tail
Hop right off
We must not fail!

cast on for her, sit side by side and have her imitate your knit stitches. once she understands those, just let her practice and assure her she will make mistakes but soon she’ll see how much she improves. if she’s a quick learner, teach her to purl the same way. don’t bother with the cast on until she feels comfortable actually knitting - once she gets used to knitting, she’ll learn the cast-on much easier.

i agree with debb’s method. i taught my (at the time) 9-year-old cousin to knit by showing her how to do it while explaining what to do for a few stitches. then she got her own needles and thread and we did a few stitches together. she doesnt do it anymore because she doesnt have the attention span to knit longer than a few minutes, thus forgetting how to do it. i think i might try to teach her again this summer- when she’s around 11-ish.