Teaching Roommate/Cheap striping wool?

Hey everyone! I’m teaching my roommate how to knit, and I’m sooo excited that she wants to learn! She’s been working a little in garter stitch with the English method and her stitches are pretty even.

Instead of a basic garter stitch scarf or something like that, I think that a Booga Bag would be an excellent first project to get practice with the knit stitch, be a bit of a challenge, and have a great and practical result (with no stitch definition! teehee) I’ve never made a Booga Bag either, so I’m probably going to make it along with her, so we go through the pattern at the same time.

She’s a brand new knitter and a college student, so we cant something that’s very budget friendly. She wants a nice self-striping wool like the Noro the pattern calls for - but for less than thirty bucks a bag. I myself will be putting in my own stripes with stash-busting Cascade 200, but she really wants something that stripes on its own.

Anyone know of some good, cost efficient self-striping worsted wool?

It’s more work, but probably the cheapest would be to dye your own from Paton’s or Lion Brand natural wool… if you’re willing to wait for shipping, even cheaper would be Knitpicks Bare. Two skeins of that isn’t even $10, another $1 for Kool Aid and you’re all set.

There’re tutorials online as to how to achieve the self-striping effect, and how to dye wool.

You are my best friend ever. Using knitty’s kool aid dyeing tutorial and Eunny Jang’s self-striping yarn dyeing tutorial, we shall make our own :slight_smile:

Just a heads up…you might want to remember to dye a swatch and then felt the swatch to see how the kool aid dye fares under the felting process.

Sometimes, kool aid dye doesn’t do so well in hot water. It would be awful to make up a beautiful, vibrant bag, and then end up with a muddy colored mess.

Yes, what Misty said. If you don’t get ALL of the residual Kool-Aid out of your wool, then it will come out eventually… in the washing machine. And it will mix with your other colors.
Don’t mean to scare you. I made a felted bag out of Patons SWS and it turned out cool

Ooh, yikes! Thanks for the heads up. So Patons SWS is cheaper and has pretty colors. We might could make them out of that? :slight_smile:

Alot of people have used Patons SWS.

I used knitpicks wool of the andes and got spectacular results. Maybe look at the variegated yarns they have. That is CHEAP. Like 6-8 bucks a bag.

If you use Patons SWS, Patons Wool or Lion Brand Wool - the ones you can get at JoAnns/Michaels/AC Moore - stock up of their 40% coupons and each of you go in and buy a ball, day after day, until yuo have enough.

Mirl56, that is what I did. You actually don’t need a coupon here. Any coupon week, you can buy 1 item at 40% off without the coupon.
This is a larger version of the Booga I made with SWS. Still needs a button

Patons SWS is good for felting, but it felts very fast so you have to keep an eye on it.

that’s what I do :teehee:

I think I saw another Paton’s wool at Michaels that stripes. It might have been one of their merino wools. SWS is pretty thick (haven’t used noro so I can’t compare) so keep that in mind. You might want to knit on bigger needles for a more “airy” unfelted look. Otherwise when it is felted, it will be very thick.

I felted Wool of the Andes that I knit very loose. It felted to a nice thickness without bulk. I made a yoga mat bag.


Yes, I think the Classic Merino comes in striped colors too.