Teaching my Daughter to Knit

I just have to share with you guys the sweetest thing that happened. As I was knitting along yesterday my 18yo DD said “I wanna learn how to knit.” So I went into my stash and brought out green Plymouth Encore and some size 13 needles and taught her how to cast on and how to do the knit stitch. I told her when she gets really good at the knit stitch I’ll teach her how to purl and from there there will be endless possibilities. She decided to make a garter shawl and she’s doing wonderfully. Using such big needles is actually giving her work a nice open look.

I had no idea if she would just get frustrated and just quit, but she seemed to get a lot done. I told her that if she is frustrated she should put the knitting down for a little while and go back to it. She seems to be taking my advice :slight_smile:

So this morning I sat on the couch and began knitting and she picked up her knitting and sat down with me. I was so thrilled cloud9 I am so happy to have been able to impart this skill to her. Some of you may remember that just 6 months ago she and I were having such problems and she moved out with a man my age. Well, now she’s back, more mature and asking ME to teach her to knit. This whole time apart has been such a life lesson for both of us. I am just so happy to have had a chance to have this moment :heart:

Thank the Lord for that! I am so happy for you, it’s special moments like that we really treasure!

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]Oh my! Just reading your post gave me the chills… I felt it way down deep in my heart.
I’m so happy for you. How wonderful to be able to sit quietly and knit with your daughter!
How I wish I could do the same…
Sending best wishes and hugs your way!:hug:
You have made my day!:woot:

It’s wonderful to hear that you and your daughter are on better terms and sharing a knitting bond. :hug:

How wonderful for you and your daughter. I was so thrilled when I found out I was having a daughter (she’s almost 27 now). I couldn’t wait to teach her how to cook, bake cookies, all those things most moms want to do with their daughters. Well…she wanted absolutely nothing to do with it. We butted heads for the first 25 years of her life. Like my sister said, daughters don’t get to be human until they’re about 25…and it’s so true. She’s finally calling me asking me how to cook this or that (she’s married now, so I guess she doesn’t have a choice):slight_smile: , but as far as her sitting down and asking me to teach her how to knit…it’ll never happen. But, I’ve got a granddaughter, Daisy Grace, who I may be able to do things with that my daughter would never do. She’s only 1-1/2 so it may be a while. That’s fine…I’m planning on being around for a few more years.
I’m glad you and your daughter have patched things up. I can sympathize totally.

I don’t know you or your daughter, but don’t be so sure that it won’t happen. I was 29 with a 1-year-old before it occurred to me to start this hobby. I won’t learn anything from my mother, but I do share with my grandmother-in-law my progress, and we sometimes knit-along.

That is a beautiful story. I had a very similar experience with my own daughter. We never had a strained relationship but it still made my heart sing to be sitting on the couch knitting and looking over to see my daughter knitting away. What a feeling! I’m so happy that this has happened for you and your daughter…:muah:

That is such a nice story! My mother never knit but my grandmother did. She didn’t teach me but I think of her often when I knit now. I am currently pregnant with a daughter and hope to teach her one day. What a great bonding experience!!

Thank you guys for your comments. We went to the yarn store yesterday and got her some more more yarn. She took her knitting to school with her today :slight_smile:

That’s wonderful! I just taught my daughter last month. But even moreso, I’m really happy you and your daughter are doing so well!!

God bless!