Teaching My 2nd grader

Abby, my second grader, want to learn to knit. She has been finger crocheting ribbons for ages. She like to tie up the poor cat with them. One night she just wouldn’t leave me alone about it, so I taught her how to cast one. She got the long tail cast on in one sitting. Now all of my needles have casts on that she won’t let me take off.

My question is . . .should I teach her conteniental or the thowing method? I don’t know which is easier for kids to pick up. I knit conteniental, so that is what she see me doing. I am encouraged that this might work becasue of her cast on.

Thanks for the advise.

PS Santa is bringing her some the the Lion Brand kids needles and some super chunky yarn.

I taught my grandson the throwing method because that’s what I use, and I felt it was easier for him to manipulate the yarn without having to keep it wrapped in his left hand. He hasn’t learned to cast on though, so I’d let your dd try both ways and see what she likes best.

I was taught the longtail cast on and the throwing method, and it’s always worked for me. Having knit English all the time and tried Continental once, English is definitely easier for me, especially if I want to be watching something else while I knit. I can’t always get the hang of catching the yarn in conti, and my tension goes sort of wonky.
I agree with Ingrid though, you should try teaching her both ways and find out which she prefers.

I tried to teach my daughter Continental because that’s what I do but she was having trouble so I switched her to English, even though it makes me :?? …I’d heard that it was easier for kids.

One thing I did do was explain to her that I had a loop on the needle and that all I was doing was pulling another loop through that loop. Then I showed her the two ways – so she understands that there’s more than one way to accomplish the same thing, and she needs to figure out which way is easier for her. I think she’s gonna be a thrower…for now. :wink:

If she already crochets, continental might be easier. The whole “picking” thing is very similar.

I taught my youngest dd when she was 9. I taught her to throw even though I go back and forth between the two. I also got her bamboo size 13 connected needles. The needles are smaller and fit her hands just perfectly. It has also mean fewer stitches falling off for some reason. Oh and I picked up a chunky chenille for her to do a scarf. It’s quite lovely (hot pink chunky chenille). She’s almost through with her first ball and will need one more before she is finished with her scarf. It’s fun to sit and knit with my girls. My oldest learned to knit when she was 11 (just 2 years ago) but she’s quite accomplished.

I taught my son when he was about 7. He is a lefty so I thought conti would be easier but he had a hard time with it and now he is a thrower. Go figure.

I think it’s so cool that you all have taught your children how to knit! I’m just learning myself and my girls are grown now. One daughter did teach herself how to knit awhile back and hopefully after grad school she’ll have more time to do it. :roflhard:

I hope I can hold her off until Santa brings her needles and they chunky yarn. I found these needles --lion did needles in 10 and 15.


I am hoping that will help her. She did knit a very stitches on her brothers sweater with me last knit. contential method with my hands guiding her.

I am still amazed at her cast on ablitites. I taught a group of 6th grade girls and they really didn’t get it.


my 6yo son has been asking me to teach him. I have some short size 17s I bought on a whim. I may get him some super chunky yarn and start him off.

The kids who ask to learn are ready for the info. In our homeschool group us knitting moms knit at the park on park day. We have learned to bring extra needles and balls of yarn for the kid who begs to learn. We have even had mommas teach themselves so they can teach their kids at home. Its really sweet. The child who walks straight up to you and says “Can you teach me to knit?” is the kid who picks it up.