Teaching knitting ... so frustrating!

I would probably say this, too. If she keeps on, remind her you all have a limited amount of time. If she really keeps on, repeat the first statement from Karne. Acknowledge that you are pleased that she has such skills, but remind her that not everyone in the class does, and you prefer to focus on following a pattern rather than how to improvise.

When you teach, everything has to follow a line, if you will. Decide what you want to teach, and why. In this case, it was how to do these sorts of increases and decreases. You could choose a pattern based on the technique you want to teach. This might be easier for you than choosing a pattern first. Be ready to back up why you want to teach the class these particular types of increases and decreases. Don’t be defensive, but plainly state your reasoning. Explain how following a pattern is the initial step to learning to knit, and once a certain skill level is achieved, then we may improvise successfully.

I do see one serious problem for you, though, and that’s trying to stuff every ability level into one class.

Perhaps you could break up the lesson. Have the first part be group instruction of a technique for everyone to learn. Then go into your small groups and continue to work on the technique introduced in the group session. If you like, you can find something else to give them in the small groups. Something really challenging for the advanced ones, an intermediate pattern for the middle ones, and something with a basic technique for the beginners. Now, generally, I am against assigning groups based on ability, but since you do have some who are easily confused, it might be less stressful on them to work only with the ones who aren’t going to intimidate them and the advanced ones can argue to their heart’s content with each other. :mrgreen: It would mean more work for you, because you’ll have to constantly rove about between the groups to answer questions and give pointers.

Of course, you could always find an advanced knitting class in the community and give her the information about it, saying that it might be better suited to her skill level. :out: