Teaching knitting for the 1st time...Wish me luck!

i volunteered to teach about 20 ladies from my bible study how to knit, just a basic class.
aside from showing my sister-in-law and a few individuals how to (my SIL doesn’t do it anymore, i don’t think i did that great of a job…) i’ve never taught before. not anything, i don’t think.
i really want to make this a success, and i’m doing everything (toomuch) i can think of to pull this off, but please take a moment and push good thoughts my way tomorrow morning, so that i can convert more addicts.
thank you!

ps a shoutout to AMY, :muah:for her wonderful needles from scratch tutorial, which i used to make one inch dowel needles for my big knitting demo with clothesline rope.

Good luck!

You’ll do fine. Just remember to keep it fun.

I bet you will do great! it sounds like you are really prepared. your love of knitting will shine through!! good luck!

Good luck, I’m sure it’ll go really well.

Good luck! I’m sure you’ll do great and bring new converts to this wonderful craft :cheering:

Okay, so I had my class today. It went well, though I could have done a better job with three hours rather than one hour. About 1/3 the time I did a show and tell about history, tools (yarn/needles/stuff) & gauge, while they were eating lunch, and the other 2/3 I used for the practicum. They said the big needles really helped to see what I was doing, so yay!

Half of them were out the door before I remembered to do my raffle for an extra copy of a scarf book I got as a free gift from Woodland Woolworks, augh!

If I’d had more time, I would have done a whole lot more explaining, more slowly, and with more examples, and I’d have taught them a better cast-on (I just did the backwards loop “thumb” cast on cuz it was easy and quick) the purl stitch as well as knit, Continenetal vs. English, and how to bind off (I told them all to ask me how later…)

I gave them all handouts with pics, and oodles of resources (of course, Knitting Help was near the top!) so they have plenty of backup if they decide to continue knitting.

Thank you all SO much for your good wishes!


sounds great! I hope they do choose to continue on…

Glad it went so well, sounds like a great class.

It sounds like you did fantastic. Your group seems to have been interested and cooperative.