Teaching Kids to Knit

When is a good age to start teaching the young ones to knit? My little girl is VERY proud of her “knitting.” At age two I think she is a bit young to start to teach her, but when is a good age?


I am currently trying to teach a VERY smart 5yo how to knit
she gets the steps
Stick the old stitch
wrap the yarn
pull the new stitch
take it off

its so cool to hear her saying the steps to herself
sometimes in english, and soon I will know how to say them in Chinese
I recognise the cadence when she is "knitting"
her scarf looks horible right now
but she is working hard at it
and comes to me sooner and sooner to fix her mistakes
so i think she is getting it


I started teaching my DGD when she was 6. I found that using smaller needles than usually recommended for kids helped a lot. she has small hands and really had a hard time manipulating large ones. I also ended up buying her bamboo, so that the stitches didn’t slide off so easily. It’s great fun. I just took a picture of her, my DD and myself, all knitting. It’s so cute. Good luck with it. I know y’all will enjoy it.