Teaching children to knit?

:stuck_out_tongue: what is the best size of needle and yarn you would use to teach a 5th grader to knit

I’m using worsted weight wool ease and size 9s for my 7 year old. I have read frequently that new learners tend to knit tightly (I guess I’m a freak, my first thing I knit was WAY loose, and I’m still tending loose a few months later) so I grabbed a bigger size for him and I would use for that weight yarn (Ok, so I would use 6s, but I think 8 is “normal” so I grabbed 9s). I also have him on light colored bamboo needles, and using dark blue yarn. This way he can easily see his stitches. I would say let her pick the yarn color, but limit her to simple yarns (I tried fun fur as my 2nd yarn - yeah, almost quit before I was going) so that she see what she’s doing as she goes.

my 12yo wanted to learn so i took him to the store & let him pick it out , green camo! but he loved it, & larger needles I think 10s to knit a simple scarf.:slight_smile:

I started my 12 yr old off with caron simply soft and she picked out size 10 needles. CSS was a huge mistake to use. It kept splitting and every time she frogged, we’d have so much trouble starting over because of the splitting. She switched to a red heart worsted on size 8’s and is flying along. She’s even about 1/4 of the way done on her very first legwarmer.

I was taught on size 10s when I learned… many moons ago. I think it’s a good size to work with when you’re a beginner.

my 7 year old is learning on size 8’s and red heart worsted… he’s making a bunch of squares using the bean bag pattern found on DIYnetwork.com and we’re going to stitch them together and make a throw pillow.

I think a 10 would be all right if that is what you like, but I start people (including children) on needles a little smaller. About an 8, and not those 14" long ones. I think they are awful, but I guess some people like them. I’d go with 10 inch long ones if they can be found.

There’s also shorter needles for children available, about 7 or 8" long. I think 9 or 10s would be a good size, and use lighter colored or variegated yarn; you can see the stitches easier.