Teaching a left handed child - help?

My granddaughter is just 5 and I promised her I would teach her how to knit. It dawned on me that she is left handed and I wonder how I should handle this. Please suggestions anyone???

Both hands are use in knitting, and I think if you teach her the way you knit she’ll pick it up just as easy as if you tried to teach her completely lefthanded which is opposite.

You have to be a little careful though. My brother (also a lefty) taught me how to play pool lefty and now shooting right feels weird but I have no control on the left side. It is kind of funny, actually, but probably not helpful to you.

As far as knitting left, if you don’t want her to knit on the right then you could probably teach her by knitting backwards. I think there is a video on this site, or I found pictures here (http://www.drgirlfriend.com/knittingbackwards.html).

Or have her sit directly across from you instead of side by side, and mimic your movements.

As a lefty who taught myself and a right handed sister, I would just teach as if she were a righty. I knit english and find continental awkward so I don’t think especially at such a young age that it will mattermuch.

One other advantage to teaching her to knit the “right-handed” way, is that if she learns the “left-handed” way and ever uses a pattern, she would have to reverse all the lines of the pattern, because she’d be working from the left side of the piece to the right side. (Hope that makes sense)

I work at an elementary school and we have a knitting club. I taught a child once to knit “left-handed” and now I regret it. I totally agree that since both hands are used in knitting anyway, it’s best to learn the “right-handed” method.

My mother taught me when I was 5. I’m left handed and she was right handed. Since she only knew the continental method it made no difference, as you use both hands. Anyway, at 63, I’ve learned how to do many things right handed; it’s just easier sometimes. Your granddaughter will do just fine. I would suggest that you not even talk about right hand/left hand with her while teaching her. Just, “This is the way to knit.” If she doesn’t think she is knitting “right handed” it will be much easier for her to believe she can do it.

Teach the ACTION (the yarn gets wrapped, the wrap gets pulled through, the old stitch gets slipped off…)
and ignore (for the moment) which hand holds the yarn.

after a few rows–talk about holding the yarn.

show her you method… and others…

there are lots!
European (ie continental (left hand yarn hold)
English (right hand yarn hold)
Combo (usually left hand yarn hold)
Portuguese (Usually left hand yarn hold, and done 'reveresed" --that is PURL is main stitch, and knit stitch is similar to norwegian purl)

(portuguese is a form of eastern uncrossed!)

–and yes, knitting, like typing or driving a car is a 2 hand activity… doesn’t matter if you are a lefty… you drive the same way! (and in the days of hand cranked car windows, rigthy’s learned to roll down the drivers side window with their left hand (to pay a toll, or to just open a window!)–(and lefty’s learned to change gears!)

My mother was was right handed taught my daughter to knit and she was left handed. Daughter sat in her lap and learned. She knits both way today. Lucky little girl to have grandma teach her. Good Luck!

It doesn’t matter if they are right handed or left handed. You use both hands equally. I’m left handed. When you learn something new you adapt to what you’re learning.