Teaching a class on Fixing Mistakes

Have any of you every taught a knitting class where you specifically taught the students how to fix mistakes?

What did you teach?
How long was the class?
Did you make swatches for them ahead of time or did you make them bring a swatch?

Any other valueable info would be appreciated.

Studying Amy’s videos has revolutionize my knitting. I’m enjoying it more know than ever. Am considering branching out to teaching.


I’m not a teacher, but I can tell you I’d be a very enthusiastic student!!!

I had a recent experience where I had to frog my work, and watching Amy’s videos helped tremendously, but I still ended up with 3 or 4 stitches that I jumped a row on (it was on a baby blanket, so it was a LONG row!!! LOL!). I was able to cover it up pretty much, but I can’t tell you how much I would have appreciated a hands on class showing me what to do.

What’s bad for me is that my LYS is only open during the hours I’m working - thus, I end up getting a lot of yarn either online or at Wally World. I would love it if they’d give an evening class, though. I learned knitting from them years ago when they gave an evening class, but they never even touched on correcting mistakes.

Even if you don’t do just a “mistake correcting” class, my advice would be to at least spend one or two class sessions on it.