Teachin an old dog new tricks

Teaching an old dog new tricks. I can’t believe I’m in my 50’s and just now learning to knit. I started knitting about 5 weeks ago. I am teaching myself from the ‘Stitch N Bitch’ book, but I still need someone around to help. Only problem is there is no one around who can. While searching online for more information I came across this website and the online videos have been wonderful in helping me! I love the way Amy demonstrates knitting slowly enough so I can see it and she repeats enough times so I can actually catch on. I’m slowly becoming addicted to this and I’m determined to conquer all the mistakes I make. Learning to correct mistakes is very hard for me. I feel so clumsy. My first scarf is so ugly I won’t even show anyone. I’m working on another one now and it looks a little better (not much) but I’m sure in time my scarves won’t look so “moth eaten”. I LOVE THIS SITE!


YAY! :happydance: Welcome Jackie! You’ll be suprised how quickly your stuff will look even better will all the help here.

Thanks Kemp. I love this site already!

HI Jackie! Glad you found your way to KH. don’t worry about ugly knitting in the beginning… we all have the uglies at the start! the first “thing” I made was all wavy at the edges and holey in the middle. Oh well! Amy’s videos on fixing mistakes are FABULOUS. You’ll be a pro in no time!

New tricks are fun!!! Welcome to the crue!

Welcome Jackie!! I love your avatar pic. :slight_smile:

PS. I taught my mom to knit last summer, and she is going to be mid-50something this year. the more new tricks you learn the younger you’ll feel!

Your Mom is beautiful… I am in my 60’s and i started :XX: last year.

Tell your Mom she is one lucky lady to have a daughter who is willing to teach her how to knit. What fun the two of you will have :XX: together.

I love that picture of your mom Hilde! They say looking at your mom can show you how well you’ll age…aren’t you excited you get to look hot for years to come? :slight_smile:

Welcome Jackie, you’ll find all the help and support (and laughs) you’ll need here. Put the scarf away. Pull it out a year from now. You’ll be astounded by your progress!

Thanks for the warm welcome from everyone! I feel so at home. :lol:
Yes, Hildegard, your mother IS pretty! How come I don’t look like that at mid 50 something? I have such a large red nose. Maybe after knitting for one year, I will look relaxed and less stressed out.

Let’s see, for centuries, mothers taught their daughter to knit, then came a lull in knitting altogether and now daughters are teaching their mothers how to knit. My daughter got me started too!
Knitting Rules!