Teach Me Right andLeft

Ok so I have no idea if people do this alot but I knit English but want to learn continental. It just seems faster and looks like it makes more sense. I am right handed so I cant seem to get it yet. Plus when I do it continental style I wrap the yarn arround my pinky and I dont do that with my right hand and so far all of my stitches come out even and nice. Should I hold it “properly” or should I do it my way and hope I dont kill someone when I throw the whole thing across the room.

Plus I learned from a book and other than this site now I have no way to find out all the tricks you guys have. So anything you say will help out so so much.

Thank you![color=blue][/color]

As long as it’s comfortable and the stitches are coming out right, I would just go with whatever it is you do! You might want to check out Amy’s video on continental though just to see if you can pick up anything that might make it easier for you.