Teach 5 year old

I am interested in starting my granddaughter age 5 to knit…is this too young and any info re needles and how to start her to knit so that it is fun…

It’s not too young but don’t expect more than about a 10 minute attention span. It’s probably better if you cast on and knit a row, then have her knit some rows. Don’t get caught up in ‘making’ something, though even a 20 stitch garter square can make a small blanket for one of her dolls. Just have her ‘play’ with the yarn and needles for now.

My grandson “learned” to knit at about 6 just so he could know how. He never finished more than a few rows and they were wonky, but he was proud that he ‘got it.’ Never really had much interest after that.

I learned at 9 and fell in love.