Tea Rose Halter Top - Interweave Mag

This is one of the patterns from the Interweave Knits Spring magazine – you can see a pic if you scroll down on this page: http://www.interweaveknits.com/

I love this pattern! I don’t have the body to wear it as shown :pout: , but I think it would look cute over a form fitted t-shirt. The prob is the yarn. The yarn they suggest is not yet available, and will be approx $13 a skein . Based on the yardage and weight (110y/50g), do you think I could use Knitpicks Shine ((120y/50 g). You hold 4 strands together throughout.

I wonder if the lace pattern will be hard to knit when using 4 strands together?

There were actually several sweaters I liked from this mag - I may have to subscribe!

I agree. I think it would look better over a tight t-shirt.

I have no idea regarding the yarn (I haven’t bought the magazine yet, but was looking at a friend’s last night), but I want to make it and modify it so the top portion is solid and wear it as is with jeans. :eyebrow: :teehee:

I like the one you mentioned. I also like the ribs and lace tank :slight_smile: I’m waiting for my favorite LYS instructor to return from vacation and I think I’m going to have her help me with the ribs and lace tank.

Both are great! I’d love to know which yarn you end up using…