Tea Cosy


I finally finished the tea cosy I first mentioned several months ago and gave it to my friend as a late 60th/un-birthday present and she was delighted.

I have been looking back on old posts to refresh my memory about adding photos, but resize2mail.com doesn’t seem to exist any longer and when I tried emailing a photo to myself, I couldn’t see any options for different sizes of files. Maybe I’m doing it wrong?



Congrats on finishing the tea cosy. Seems perfectly appropriate for an unbirthday.
Picresize seems to have suceeded to resize2mail. Give them a try.

Looking forward to the photo!


Thanks. I managed to send myself a reduced size photo, but wasn’t sure how to get it from my inbox to a post to the forum, so I just clicked on the upload icon in the address box found my photo and clicked ‘upload’ and it did!


That’s an adorable tea cozy and such a nice, spring color.


Thank you! The cord I have threaded through the top is not the same as the pattern, which calls for a tassel, which I didn’t have the patience for. I also didn’t sew it up completely, leaving it to my friend to sew it up to fit whatever teapot she uses it with.