Tea Cosy

Knitting a tea cosy. The pattern is in a very tattered and old - about 50 years plus - booklet of patterns for children. I may have mentioned it a while back under Childhood Relic.


These are such fun to work and so efficient at keeping tea warm. So efficient that I made a coffee cozy for my husband’s press.

Good luck with making the tea cosy!

Good for you, salmonmac. Yes, cosies are a nice small project to work on. My mother once sent some somewhere - I forget where now - but the ladies at the receiving end thought they were hats lol.

Thank you poetknittter. I just don’t have much opportunity to work on any knitting projects due to having to spend a lot of time with our husky, but I do enjoy it when I get the opportunity.


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You’re welcome, Gillian.

Well, I have the first side of the cosy almost completed. It’s looking bigger than I was expecting it to look. I hope I can find a teapot big enough for it!

I have also completed the knitting part of a very small version of the fish-and-chip-baby jumper. It’s for a small doll someone asked me to knit for - it will probably be donated to the charity shop where I volunteer. Now I just need to sew it up and try and take a picture.