"Tea and Sympathy Shawl" pattern--HELP!

I really hope somebody can please help me. I am between being very upset and steaming mad right now…I would e-mail Lion Brand about their pattern, but the last couple of times I’ve needed to contact them about things, they haven’t responded, so I don’t think I’ll have much luck now. :!!!:

I just finished their “Tea and Sympathy” shawl–the second one, to be precise–and have had the same problem on both shawls (I hope I can explain this accurately). On both shawls, I knitted a gauge swatch, and adjusted my needles accordingly to achieve gauge, so I think it is a problem with the pattern itself.

The shawl is supposed to show knitted up like the second below picture. What mine end up looking like is more of a deep “V” (like the first picture), and the “wingspan” of the shawl IS NOT 60" like it should be, and to me, the second shawl I knitted looks off-kilter.

The reason I think it’s a pattern glitsch is because I noticed that the height of each repeat seemed to progress faster than the width of the shawl. I’m thinking that maybe the pattern should have four M1 increases for the first and second rows instead of just two per row as directed in the directions to make the width increase more evenly with the depth, but I don’t know enough about increases to know if two M1 increases in a row (in other words, here would be my first and second rows of the pattern: K1, M1, M1, knit to last stitch, M1, M1, K1) would be a viable option.

Does anybody have any comments or suggestions about this pattern please? I am so bummed out and mad–one of these were a gift to be given to somebody in the next two days, and I can’t tear it all out. I can only hope she’ll like the result. :verysad:

Oh boy, that’s really hard to know because that is SUCH a vague pattern. ‘Repeat pattern until you run out of yarn’ :?? . How many stitches did you have when you binded your stitches off??

Have you tried stretching your shawl? Homespun creates a very stretchy fabric, and I find measuring it accurately to be difficult. I know that the couple of shawls I have made from it looked small right off the needles, but they have stretched with use to close to (or larger than) the stated dimensions. Good luck![/u]

Yeah, it is a vague pattern! I had 120 stitches–which, according to gauge, seemed to be right (if I did my math right). :shrug: (although I admit I’m not a math whiz :teehee: ) If 8 stitches equals 4", then to get to 60", you’d need 120 stitches, right? At least the pattern was right about being pretty much out of yarn at that point–I had barely any left.

This is encouraging…I will try it. I’m going to also try blocking it; not something I typically do with acrylic, but maybe it will help. :shrug:

I’m going to also try blocking it; not something I typically do with acrylic, but maybe it will help. :shrug:

hmmm… did you use the homespun yarn, or acrylic… i’m not sure blocking it will create a whole lot more width with acrylic :shrug:

If your gauge was right and you ended up with 120sts, then it should be about the right width. I’d try blocking it, even though it’s acrylic, and maybe the stretching out will help.

Thanks everybody for your help! :muah: Actually, the more I played around with the shawl, the more it stretched out, so maybe all is not lost. I’m still deciding on whether or not to crochet a scallop on the border I crocheted around the shawl, but maybe it won’t turn out too badly after all?