TBL stitch

Hi - I am a fairly new knitter - and have a pattern that includes K1 tbl, P1 - how do you do “through the back loop”?

Go to the “Glossary” tab at the top of the page and click on it, then find “ktbl” and there’s a video that shows how to do it!

Each st has a `leg’ over the front of the needle and one to the back. Normally we knit into the front leg, this is having you knit into the back leg to twist it.

To knit through the back of the loop you have the yarn behind (Like for normal knit) go in the stitch from the side (Like to purl) but instead of the needle coming out the front, poke it out the back.
Wrap the yarn round the needle and pull it through, then knock the old stitch off. Voila, a twisted stitch.
LOL, this is what my nan taught me for “normal knit”.