Tax Return

I just got my tax return :woohoo:
I am already on Knitpicks deciding on what yarn to buy :roflhard: It’s only 5am.

I loooove Gloss DK. :smiley:

I bought some Reverie It’s really soft. I am making a scarf and I needed more of it to finish it. I will eventually graduate to socks which I purchased a sock book. I also bought some Dreamz dpns on ebay. Of course I had to buy the set so that I have every size :teehee:

It took me a few times to get the hang of a plain ole sock. Be patient with yourself.

What I find interesting is how transferable knitting skills are! Once I “got” socks, changing a cardigan pattern to have sleeves knit after the body and in the round was a piece of cake. :slight_smile:

Pssst “Felici” is pretty nice…

I love knitpicks :inlove:

I’m rather fond of several of their yarns. Oh, the swift ain’t shabby, either.

Oh, yeah! I LOVE Felici! I just made a sock yarn baby hat and it was really nice to work with.

Don’t forget about us, some addiclicks would be nice me!!


OK what does everyone else want? I will put in an order today :roflhard: