Taught myBF to knit!

My BF has always been fascinated by my knitting. He liked the mechanics of it: to him it was tying knots attached to other knots, but couldnt figure out how diferent knots made different patterns or why you needed needles to tie those knots since he could tie knots with his fingers.
He also loved the maths and calculations involved in making patterns work and how you would apply auge to make different sizes of garment.

He asked me last night if i could sit down and teach him how to do the stitches so he could see how it was done. At first he still couldnt figure out why needles where needed, but after a couple of rows he understood that it made it a lot easier and simpler. He also wanted to re-design the needles because he didnt think that two smooth cylinders was logical. Again after doing a few rows he realised why they work so well!:rofl:

He picked it up realy quickely and decided that purling was far easier and ‘made more sense’ than knit stitches :teehee: and was determined to be taught not only how to knit and purl but how to do a couple of increases decreases, ribbing, seed stitch and binding off! I think he forgot a lot of it by this morning, but he was still realy good at it and produces a small swatch of stockinette witha a square of ribbing in the middle which he proudly presented to me as a present.:yay:

I now have to find him some suitable patterns!!

Ah how adorable. How about a ribbed scarf?
Maybe he’s also interested in cables? :smiley:

Wait till you show him knitting in the round…

Funnily enough he kept asking about how cables worked!

And i think if he knit in the round he would end up making things inside out so he could purl every stitch!

I’m totally the contrary. I don’t like purling, I turn the patterns inside out to work more knits than purls if possible… :smiley:

I taught my husband to knit a couple of years ago (he suggested it as something I would enjoy doing for our 40th anniversary). :cheering: He also wanted to understand more so he could talk to me more intelligently about my knitting. The first thing he wanted to try was a hat and he didn’t use a pattern. I just taught him what he needed to know as he went and he really found it fascinating.

How is your BF learning to knit, Continental, English or? I tried to teach my DH Continental and he could do the knit stitch, but was getting discouraged with the purl and I was afraid he would give up so I taught him English. He got that and mostly knits all English, but sometimes Continental.

My DH made a whole bunch of hats that winter (over 20), all his own ideas and experiments. He said he now understands why I am so addicted to it myself. :slight_smile: My DH, like your BF is good at knots, and I really think he has the talent to be a far better knitter than me, he just “got” how it worked. Me? I’ve learned a lot, but I am not a natural talent.

I hope your BF will get into it more and you’ll have a lot of fun knitting together. Lots to share, all the planning, and picking yarns and plenty more. My DH hasn’t done it much since that first spree, he finds it hard on his eyes (he needs new glasses). Have fun!

What kept me knitting is the numbers

help me in understanding how you turn the patterns a different way. I thought once you got started it was only the way you started

When my sister-in-law was shocked that I was crocheting I told her it was just tying knots.

I also went at it with the intention of redesigning the needles. I think a groove to put the needle tip in would be helpful especially on the smaller needles.

I bet he’d like double knitting. That would keep his mind going for a while trying to figure out the whys of it (including how to DK with knits and purls and the differences to keep them on their proper sides).

That is so cool, sometimes I think my DH would like to learn, but not sure how I would teach him, as he only has one arm!