Tattoo remorse -big business

I realize none of you have remorse at this point, but if you do technology is on your side. :teehee:

I’ve actually had one (partially) removed. Got it on my hand when I was 18 to cover up a cross I did myself. After a couple years I decided I hated it there. I never finished going - went maybe 3 times. Hurt a whole heck of a lot and was $$. But 16 years later, I am definitely confident in my choice to get tattooed.

I have 3 tattooos, and the first is my tattoo remorse. will get it covered up when I have $ though with th side proflie of kitty head and Mulder’s name under

Tattoo remorse? What’s that? :teehee:

All of my tats are professionally done and each one has some significant meaning to me so I could never imagine having one removed. Each one reflects something about myself and/or my life.

People really should think it through before being inked to make sure it’s something meaningful and that they will still want it there 20 years down the road.

I think people who are most likely to have tattoo remorse are the ones who get the names of significant others inked on somewhere…

I always hate reading articles about ‘how my tattoo ruined my life’ from girls who got drunk in Ibiza at 15 and got some random tattoo about best friends forever…

I do think you should think about your ink, but also that it’s good to acknowledge who you once were when you had the tatt done, and respect that.

On the other hand, I saw a great jacket patch the other day - a traditional heart with thorns and a dagger and a scroll with a name on it… name was ‘some slut’ :teehee:

Reminds me of that scene in jaws…just watched it again 2 nights ago. :wink:

Mostly, the only people who regret are the ones who get some cartoon character, someone’s name (other than their child) or another such thing that has no meaning at all.

Mine has meaning to me. It is the stars off the Australian flag that I got after living there for a year. It is a reminder of the year, plus a reminder of why I want to go back. I thought very hard and carefully before getting it.

I have had it for 5 years now and I still don’t regret it- I don’t think I ever will.

I found the article linked interesting- the lady says she knew it was time to get rid of it because her son asked what it was?? My son is nearly 3 and he tells me all the time he thinks it is beautiful. I am not ashamed of mine- so I have to wonder what that lady had tattooed in the first place, and just why she would be ashamed of it so?

mum2caden- my 17 mo dd sees my back tattoo and asks me 'baby?" and then hugs or kisses it (it’s her at 6 mo as a mermaid ) i think if you are embarrased or ashamed, you shouldn’t get one in the first place.

That sounds like a gorgeous tattoo! I’d say I’d love to see it, but then, I guess not everyone is into sharing that sort of thing… but it does sound beautiful!

mum2caden, if you mean me, you can see it here. I still need to get A LOT done sigh

That’s going to be awesome when it is finished… have you still not gone back? I would- just tell him what happened, no worries! :slight_smile:

My son in law has so much ink on his arms you cannot even tell what it was at one time. He is covered. I wish he had regrets.:aww:

The artist who did my ink has a sign on the wall that says “Stupid Tattoos = job Security”. He told me the ones he ‘fixes’ most often are those with significant others’ names.

I love my tattoo…it took me 10 years to decide exactly what I wanted and the design was something that means a lot to me. I’d do it all over again if given the choice!