What is the best way to put tassels on the end of a scarf? Its a men’s scarf if that makes a difference. And I’m debating on a good length.

Do you really mean tassel or do you mean fringe?

For fringe you would cut your yarn twice the length you need…fold it in half…pull it through the end of the scarf with a crochet hook…and then pull the ends through the loop…:thumbsup:

To make tassles I found thislink that shows it…hereis another link too…:happydance:

Fringe!! Fringe! No wonder, haha. Wrong word, thanks. :slight_smile:

Here’s a video that shows how to add fringe with a crochet hook:


I just finished a scarf for my dad and made the fringe 3". He wouldn’t want it any longer. I just cut 6" pieces and attached them like the other posters said. HTH!

Thank you both! :woot: