[color=indigo]How do you put tassels on the end of your scarves? You know, those pieces of string that u sometimes see on the bottom of scarves? I don;t know if u call them tassels or not. :thinking: [/color]

If you have SNB, there’s more detailed instructions…if not, here goes…and it’s easy…you determine what length you want your fringe and find a sturdy object such as a book or piece of cardboard, and wrap the yarn several times…just keep wrapping depending on how much fringe you want, then cut it at one end.

You now have a stack of strands…you grab a few strands and fold them in half, adding or taking away until it feels like you want…you can trim the ends later.

Stick a crochet hook from back to front through the space in your knitting where you want to add fringe, hang your folded yarn over the hook and pull it through to the back of the fabric.

With a crochet hook or your fingers, pull the tails of yarn through the loop, tighten…you have fringe…keep hanging fringe until your piece is evenly fringed and then you can trim the bottom if you want.