Target & knitting

Hi, not sure is anyone has seen that they have some cute knitting things at target right now. Most likely for a limited time. At my target it’s up front by the $1.00 section. They have cute balls of yarn, needles (cute colored ones) and books with 4 patterns in them. Each item is $1.00. If you need a cute gift you could easily put one together with yarn, needles, and a pattern for 5 bucks or less!!!

Happy Knitting!

yea I got my first bamboo needles ther :slight_smile: I love them :XX:

I have often stopped to look at the $1.00 knitting items but have yet to purchase anything. I tend to buy yarn according to the project I have in mind… I’m not too creative with finding uses for yarn I buy… YET.

SOON they will be 50% off… :happydance:

50% off from a DOLLAR?? FOR REAL?

Yes, they reset the $1 Spot every 6-8 weeks…it all goes 50% off, then 75% off…then they replace it with new stuff. I think it will go 50% off the day after halloween. And there’s a LOT of yarn left at mine! :happydance:

I have a few little friends (ages 5-7) who are learning/want to learn so I plan on grabbing a bunch for them!

Oh wow! How cool is that?? thanks for the heads-up!

Im gonna have to check my Target again…I cant imagine that they wouldnt have that stuff in EVERY Target. :??

Actually they don’t have everything at all the Targets. The one by my work didn’t have ANY knitting stuff, but the one by my house had lots. I’ve gotten three sets of needles from there and they’re ok, they need work though, I sanded all three set pretty heavily to smooth them out. But once you sand them, they’re pretty awesome for only $1!. :happydance:

Beware of the needles at Target…they are not useful for teaching someone to knit unless you do quite a bit of sanding of them first…even then, I am not sure they would be very good. I would go with some decent needles from the LYS instead.

The yarn, OTOH, while of poor quality, is fine for fun projects or for someone to practice with, IMO. I would not expect it to hold up over the long haul, tho.

I did get quite a bit of it to make little gifts for people.

Just my humble opinion.

Be careful, because the boucle and acrylic are NOT machine washable. My friend found out the hard way. :frowning:

Big Lots has yarn on sale this week too! sorry hijacked!

Neither our Big Lots or Target has knitting stuff! I know because I keep looking every week :evil:

I know my Target doesn’t , I haven’t been to Big Lots yet - it just opened recently.

I get my yarn either from Wal Mart or Hobby Lobby here - and occassionally ordered from Herrschners.