TaraKnit ad

I’m a huge fan of TaraKnit. This is our very own Carol_OH’s business.

To me it’s just such an exciting concept. Her business started because she likes a good deal so she’d go on eBay and get batches of needles for cheap. But then of course, there’s the dilemma: what to do with all of those extra needles?! It’s only a good deal if you’re paying for what you’ll use. So this is the service she’s offering to others: You can now simply get the exact used needles that you want, the perfect type, color, size. It’s recycling, money saving, and guilt-free indulgence at it’s best!

You wouldn’t believe the stash of needles I’ve purchased from her already. I’m amazed at how much I’ve gotten for how little cost. I wouldn’t have done it if not for her business: I’ve replaced all of my wood and bamboo DPN’s with metal ones (I like them more these days), and I’ve purchased needles for friends and to offer to new knitters that I teach. It’s SOOO great to be able to indulge like this in needles! Plus it’s recycling, and supporting a small business, so it’s ethically awesome. :heart:

Amy I saw the banner and clicked through… I fell in love with the site immediatly! It will be easier to talk DH out of some money for needles at thoes prices! :rofling:

Just sent an e-mail off to my dad asking if he’d buy me a set of double-pointed needles so I can learn to make socks! :happydance: I don’t have a credit card or a paypal account, and frankly internet money issues scare me p**pless, but he eBays all the time.

:cheering: OHHH Im SO glad Carol got a big ad! Her site is FANNNNTASTIC, and she’s a GREAT person who adds alot to the friendly community environment here, to boot! :heart:

Oh, I just wanted to add that I too ordered two sets of needles from her about a month ago after reading about her website on this site :smiley:

I looked for a couple of weeks for small circular needles to no avail, went on her site and bam there they were. I received them very quickly. I will definitely buy needles from her again :wink:


Congrats Carol_OH!!! Way to go!! :happydance:

Very cool site Carol!! :cheering: Congrats

Since I already have a gazillion needles, I hadn’t checked out your site before now. Impressive assortment!


That’s awesome! Way to go Carol!!

Nice job and website, Carol!

[size=2]I’m not sure what the protocol is for posting after a post about one’s site, but I wanted to say THANK YOU so much to Amy and everyone, and skedaddle out of here! [/size] :blush:

Carol I love :inlove: Your site and intend to order some needles:)

I have one question though, Typically how long would an order take to ship? I am moving out of state in about 2 weeks and wondering if I should wait to have them shipped to my new address. Thanks for any feedback all:)

Carol is super quick. When I’ve ordered, I had needles in hand in under a week. :thumbsup: