Tapestry Needles?

[color=darkblue]Went in search of some blunt point “tapestry” needles. Found several brands of “yarn” needles, all with sharp points. Various “darning” needles, also sharp. Then stumbled onto a row of “tapestry” needles of various sizes, also all sharp. Should I ask for something more specific?

Landolphe[/color] :??

I have both plastic and metal (steel?) yarn needles. The tips are pointy enough to go through any stitches so far, but not to the point of being sharp. I bought the plastic ones at Michaels, lost them, bought the metal ones at Joanns and then found the plastic ones. :doh: :teehee: If you can get to a store like that you could look at them to see what they look like. They were in the knitting notions section.

Yes, or they may be called crewel or needlepoint needles.