I used to be a fairly active member, but haven’t had time in a LOOONG time to get on here. Got married, had a baby, gained a step son, along with general life.

I would love to come back (time permitting) but much of the time it’s easiest for me to get on here on my phone. :aww: Don’t have much sit at the computer time except at work (like now) and I’m not really supposed to be on here.
Last night I looked on an Android app called Tapatalk for the forum and I didn’t see it. I was hoping Amy would be able to sign up the site for this app. It’s free for the forum owner…I saw someone else just posted about trying out a Droid X (which is what I have). But it’s easier on Tapatalk.

Anyway, just an idea. Hope to see more of knitting and all the wonderful people on here.