Tank Top

I have been knitting for approx two years mostly socks and felted purses. This past summer I tried a tank top, Vogue Magazine Summer 2005 (I think). Anyways I used a yarn recommended by my LYS, not the one used in the pattern, I think it was a Rowan cotton. The tank did not turn out as expected and now I am afraid to try any other garment, although I keep buying yarn and magazines for sweaters etc. Has anyone else had this problem with tanks? I saw some blogs where tanks are hard to fit because they do not have the sleeves to help take up the fit. I did surge the sides trying to take in the tank :wall: now I can not undo the tank and reuse the yarn, again :wall: :!!!: Just want to know others experiences. Thanks.

Maybe if you started with a tank top pattern and use the recommended yarn that would help, but most important is to accurately measure you gauge. Also, cotton stretches out too, I think.

Don’t give up, keep trying. Get someone from the yarn shop to help you check your gauge.

Dee Dee