Tank top for my niece

Here is a tank top I made for my niece it was very easyand quick to knit I got it from knitting pattern central.

That is so cute! I love that!!! :thumbsup:

How adorable - and your niece is soooo cute!

:smiley: OMGoodness, your niece is too cute & the top is adorable :smiley:

Oh such cuteness–the tank and your niece!! :inlove: :inlove:

How cute!!!


That is great, I :heart: it.
How did you make the straps??

the straps are I-cord.

LOVE her dark hair! The tank looks great! :inlove:

Very cute! Looks great on her!

So cute!

Which pattern was it? This one? http://home.earthlink.net/~jkoster/id1.html Just modified w/ i-cord straps?

that is SO sweet! Of cource, it does help that your little model there is adorable!

:inlove: SOOOO great! A beautiful little girl and the colors are perfect for her!

I’m mostly jealous that you made something that fits so well…a challenge I’ve yet to master. So far I just make toddler clothes for babies so I know for sure it’ll fit at some point! Better too big than too small is my theory!!