Tank pattern help

The pattern says : work 17rows dec 1 st at neck edge in next and every foll alt row. 2 questions:
1: dec 1 st will be on the purl side. Is it just p2tog? I tried looking online but they showed many ways.
2: it says at neck edge. At this point I have just placed half of my row on a stitch holder. Is the neck edge the outer edge or the edge close to the stitch holder ( would be middle of whole front).

Pattern is by denim tweed dk 9241. Sirdar.
Ease help

The neck edge is the edge near the middle. The outer edge is the armhole edge. Yes, you can do p2tog for the decrease on the left side of the neck (this is the left side when you are wearing the top) but it would be better to do p2tog through the back loop (p2tog tbl)for the decreases on the right side. That way the line of the slant of the decreases will follow the line of the neck on each side.

Most of the time decs are done on the knit row unless the pattern says [I]every row[/I] which this doesn’t.

Thanks for both your help. :slight_smile:

With rs facing. Working on rem 60 sts. Slip 15 st on stitch holder. Rejoin yarn to rem 45 sts and pattern to end.

Does this mean the inside 15 sts go on st holder and i work the rest?
Also. How do you re-attatch yarn? I cant just tie it to the old piece because that was used to knit the one shoulder ( picture attatched). HELP!

I’d actually work the 15 sts first, then slip them to a holder so you don’t have to rejoin the yarn, then work the 45 sts in pattern. But when you ‘rejoin’ yarn, you just leave a tail long enough to weave in, and start knitting with it. It won’t pull out, you don’t need to tie it to anything.

The thread is actually up the shoulder. So theres nothing close to the 15 sts.

Sorry I didnt finish reading the comment. What do you mean by leave a tail?

Sorry for not attatching a picture. The site doesnt support mobile. Anyways. The end of the thread is up by one ahoulder. I am qorking on the middle ( on the stitch holder) and te other shoulder ( where i have to rejoin the yarn.

Ok. Never mind. Its just as you said. Thanks again :slight_smile: this has really helped :slight_smile:

“Join right shoulder seam(check). With rs facing, using 3 1/4 mm needles pick up and knit 35 sts evenly along left side of neck, work accross 15 sts left on a stich holder at front of neck as follows : - p3, (k3, p3) twice, pick up and knit 35 sts evenly along right side of neck and knit accross 35 sts left on a stitch holder at back of neck as follows : - k10, p3, (k3, p3)twice, k9, inc in next st. 121 sts.”

my confusion is what is “pick up” where do I “pick up” from? This time I inserted a link to a picture so hopefully it helps…

Start near the unseamed shoulder, and pick up or knit all around the neck. There’s a video on the Advanced Techniques page (or Tips, forget which). Pretend the edge is your left needle and insert the R needle into the edge st (pick up) wrap the yarn around it and pull it through (knit). when you get to the sts on the holders, just knit them, then go on to the next section where you need to pick up the sts.

ok, so I tried that, but it says to do it on the rs… which means I would have to do it… backwards… I tried doing it on the purl side, but all the seamy-messiness turned up on the good side :frowning: I would have to knit it with the needle in the left hand going left to right… instead of my normal right to left :frowning: is there a video tutorial for it or another way to go about doing it?

No… with the RS facing it’s as if you’re doing a RS row, from the beginning. I may have misunderstood, it’s the left shoulder that’s open. So start there, go down the neck, across the front, up the right neck and across the back. The video on picking up stitches is here.

apparently I put together the left shoulder seam instead of the right… woops… that should make it easier…

Yep, that will.