Tangled yarn

Hi everyone, forgive me if I am doing this wrong!
I have just tried to get back into knitting and I ended up with buying wool in a twisted knot. Very pretty until I tried to knit from it. What did I do wrong? It took me two hours to frog my work and roll most of it into a ball out of that mess. how do you use yarn that comes packaged that way!!! help!

BTW as a youngster I always used hideous cheap yarn - the kind that the yarn comes out and doesn’t tangle much from the skein.
tangled mess aside, this was my first experience knitting with high quality wool! I am hooked! It is wonderful! The difference amazing!
Thanks in advance:-)

Hi Necole - I’m sure you’ll get more useful responses than mine, but one thing I have learned is to roll the yarn into a ball before beginning a project. There are a lot of tutorials on line for making a center-pull ball, and that is a big help!!

Good luck and welcome to this great forum :slight_smile:

It was probably in a hank. The put it in a big circle and then kind of twist it around itself. It’s impossible to knit from that way. You have to unwind it. You can use a swift and ball winder or just have someone hold the big circle open while you wind it up.


How do I begin? I had trouble locating the end of the yarn and then it was pre-tied in places. I couldn’t figure out how to begin rolling it in a ball without it getting tangled. Any ideas about where I can learn how? I am sure all you ladies know just what to do!
I feel like a dummy:-) LOL

OHHHHH! Ok thanks so much - you woulda laughed at the mess I had going:-)

thanks everyone:-)

I wouldn’t have laughed… that’s exactly what happened the first time I encountered nice yarn that came in a hank! :gah:

I had to buy a ball winder and I get my DH to hold the yarn for me. It takes a little time to find the ends of the yarn and untwist the hank, then make sure you’re pulling the right strand without tangling it all up…

But yes… you need at least a ball winder! And welcome to the club! :teehee:

No laughing here! Try straightening it out with 9 curious cats trying to help out!! :lol:

ok thanks I will look into that - and get one. Er… how do you know if you have the right strand - it just comes off correctly? I was so arrogantly thinking that I could just DO this and then I felt so humbled to realize I didnt know WHAT I was doing even with the yarn before I knit anything… talk about drawing board! hee
ok thanks for all your help - I LOVE this site!

My cat watched but he didnt interfere:-) I love my cat he is the coolest! Once when I was sewing with tulle he went bonkers and went after the ends of this satin bridal dress… that was scary for a moment:-) whew! well thanks again:-)

If you bought the yarn at a yarn store, they should be able to wind the yarn into a ball for you at the time of your purchase. It may be too late with the yarn that you’re using, though, since the hank has been unwound. Good luck!

I have a hard time somtimes trying to figure out where to start from too. I guess I just give it a try and see if it works out. if it doesn’t and you’ve been winding on the ball winder, it shouldn’t be too much of a mess to start over.
Nope, no laughing here, you should see/read some of the stuff that comes out of here! We all had to start somewhere!