Tangled mess

So, I bought a “hank” of yarn the other day. The lady at the yarn shop asked if I wanted it wound into a ball on her machine. I was like, “Nah, it’s cool. I can handle it.” Duh. Stupid. Why do yarns come in hanks anyway? Now I have a tangled mess.

For future reference, is there an easy to way to wind a hank into a ball by myself, if I don’t buy it from a tangible yarn shop?


I put mine around the back of a chair, or too if the hank is a side one when unfolded into a larger circle. I just pull off a good length around of it and do the center pull ball thing…
Some have used a lamp shade loosened so it will “spin” that you lay your circle of yarn around.
I’ve even been known to sit on the floor with my legs straight out at shoulder width and put the hank around my feet and wind from there as if I had someone holding it for me. :thumbsup:

You can always put the hank around the back of a chair while you wind it - either with a ball winder or by hand. You can also invest in an umbrella swift which is a lovely little creation which adjusts to hold any hank and it also rotates so that as you wind, it turns, thus feeding you more yarn and when you stop pulling on the yarn, it stops turning.

If you go to the next to last item on this page (just before the make your own needles one), Amy demonstrates how to wind your own center pull ball by hand! :thumbsup:


Those are all good ideas, I didn’t even think about that putting it on something to hold the shape of the hank.

Also, thanks gardenmommy for the link to the video, I hadn’t been down that far on the page. I am not even going to lie, I have been winding my tangled mess around an empty paper towel tube. This is a much better idea.

Or you can buy a yarn swift and ball winder and go the easy, though more expensive way. :wink:

A lampshade! That’s brilliant! Maybe I don’t have to buy a swift after all… :cheering:

Now I just need to build that Lego ball winder. Yay for cheap solutions!

Check this out from one of our members, Julie. Scroll up to the top of the page for her pic…she lists the “ingredients” needed to make up.
Ghetto Swift