Taming a multiple yarn over

I am knitting a scarf that calls for a knit stitch, then 4 yarn overs repeated over 40 stitches, and ending with a knit stitch.The next row is purl, drop the 4 yarn overs, purl to the end. How do I maintain enough tension on the purl stitches to avoid making a mess with the long dropped multiple yo?

I am going crazy and have gone back three times now to try, try, try again. Any hints? Thanks SO much.

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The first purl row may look a little messy, but just work across it as best you can. The subsequent rows will help stabilize it and make up for any lapses in tension. It may help to pull down on the knitting to elongate the sts so that you can see the purls.

Thanks for this reply. I’ll try again.