Tall girls I need help

I’ve seen various jeans threads on here and so I thought I would try to enlist your help…I am 6feet tall and have a horrible time finding clothing in tall or long sizes. NY&Co is great for pants, but shirts and dresses are all too short. Eddie Bauer is good for pants, dresses, and some shirts. We have a store called called Tall Girl, but it is too expensive and the quality tends to be low. Many companies offer Tall on the web, but I cannot afford to keep ordering clothes and sending them back b/c they don’t fit or I don’t like the cut. I am stumped as to where to find long sleeve shirts that are long enough for me to tuck in to chino’s. Seems like even when I suck it up and buy tall blouses($$) they never stay tucked in as I move through the day. Have yet to find a business suit and lets not even get started on dress sweaters.

I know I’m not the only tall woman around so I would greatly appreciate your help.

Hi There–

I am not quite as tall (just shy of 5’-11") but I know what you mean. I have yet to find blouses that stay tucked in. I’d suggest land’s end, but you mentioned not wanting to order off of the web. Though you would have to pay shipping, you can return any item purchased to a Sears store-- and that way you don’t have to pay return shipping. And if you get on their mailing list, every now and then they have a free shipping no matter what size the order promotion. And on their dress pants, they offer a free hemming service-- you just tell them what length you need. The nice thing is they know the items in their catalog. I called last night and in placing an order, I wanted to know how big something was around the hips, and they knew. So I am guessing that they would know the length of their shirts, and that might help you figure out if a given top/shirt would be long enough.

I just checked their site, and they do have a tall section, and the web addy is:


I hope that helps!


Well, I am the opposite of tall at 5’3", but I was going to suggest Eddie Bauer. I hate short t-shirts and tops so I buy tall ones and Eddie Bauer was the only place I could find them! I find ordering on the internet gives me so much more choice, but I hope you find what you need!

I’m 6’ tall as well, and the internet is definitely my friend.

I usually get my t-shirts from gap.com, as they have tall lengths - which have longer sleeves and longer shirts overall. They’re also pretty good quality, but not overly cheap.

Shirts I often buy from Lane Bryant - as well as just about all of my pants. I’m tall and not skinny, so I find that their clothes not only have the length I want, but also fit the rest of me.

JCPenney, like Sears, allows you to return internet and catalogue orders to their in-store catalogue desk. I don’t get pants from there, but I do sometimes find sweaters or shirts.

As for sweaters, when I lived in the Midwest, I used to go to Carson’s and be able to get them (in fact, I have sweaters that are over 10 years old from there and still going strong). I haven’t bought too many recently, but I did get a couple of nice twin sets and very light knit tops from Target recently.

For dresses, try Spiegel and Newport News.

I have also found that the in-store selection of tall sizes varies greatly depending on the area of the country you live in. As I mentioned, I lived in the Midwest, and had an easier time of finding things in-store. Now that I live on the East Coast, I order a lot more from the internet.

I’m 5’10 with lots of height in my legs. Some tall pants don’t fit me at all because they are too long from waist to crotch. I do not have to wear suits and dresses for work so don’t shop for those. In fact I pretty much don’t wear dresses I have one dress. It is mid claf length I’ve had it for like 8 years. Anyway lately I buy Lee jeans or pants in Long and they fit great. I sometimes have been forced to purchase regular length and they fit but are a bit short.
In the past I have ordered shirts from GAP that were a nice long length but don’t do that regularly. I don’t under stand the cropped shirt look and I hope it is really going away soon, but as a tall person lots of shirts are a bit cropped anyway.

I buy most of my clothing from JC PENNEY catalog or Landsend. I am 5’10" with long legs.

5 11 and a bit here…
I second the Land’s End recommendation. Their live help is really great and they can usually give all the measurements you need. and the return to Sears option is Super easy. They can be a little expensive, but their stuff lasts forever. they have more modern cuts of jeans and pants now (not just “mom jeans”)

I have found nice dressy things at Ann Taylor Loft. They carry tall pants and skirts online, and sometimes I find them in the store.

I’ve gotten jeans from Old Navy and Gap, but lately I find the cuts they are selling aren’t that flattering to me.

Eddie Bauer also sells talls in shirts and pants and you can also return their online stuff to the mall shops.

(and a random tip- when I really need something to stay tucked or to keep it covering something, there is a double sticky tape designed for fashion that really makes things stay put. I get it at Victoria’s Secret. not just for bras, but shirts that expose too much or don’t stay tucked…)

I’m definitely not tall, but I have a friend who is 6’2". She relies a lot on JC Penney for her tall slacks/jeans, though I’ve been shopping with her when she’s found some great finds at TJMaxx.

Jcrew, Banana Republic & Gap let you return purchases at the store. The all carry tall-sizes online. My sister has a 35 inch inseam and can wear pants from JCrew & BR. They also let you place online orders from the store without paying shipping on non-sale items. Reduced shipping on sale items.

Lands End stores inside of Sears let you place orders at the store for free shipping even on sale items. You can also return stuff to sears.

I would also recommend Lands’ End. They have high quality clothing, the denim is always nice and thick. You can give them your measurements and they will custom make your jeans, which is not out of the ordinary - I see the custom sized jeans at their outlet store often. You may also be able to get free shipping to your home if you order from the Lands’ End catalog, at the Sears store.

I’m tall too, just over 5’10" but my problem is more the tall and skinny thing. I can rarely find pants or shirts in my size that are long enough. I love the gap because they have dress shirts that come in long, you have to order on the internet. Sometime their t-shirts are long too. I wear a lot of American Apparel t-shirts because they’re ussually cut long in the sleeves and body.

Depending on how much you spend on dress pants and shirts, it might be worth it to get pants custom made. I have a great tailor by house that will make a pair of pants for $75. By the time I get fabric for around $20.00 a yard I end up spending about $110.00. I know it sounds like a lot but if you spend $70.00 on a pair of nice dress pants in a store and have to get them resized, that’s easily at least a $40.00 alteration. I used to buy pants 4 sizes too big for the length and my tailor would take them apart and reconstruct them. After a while I just started getting pants custom, it’s easier, costs the same, and noone else has the same pants. After I get a new job I want to have a suit made out of cashmere suiting material.

Thanks for all the suggestions - guess I will have to check into Gap. Have to admit I have always kind of dismissed them as being to trendy. Of course, I should also admit that I HATE to shop so if I don’t find TALL right away I lose interest and leave. It’s just such a pain - waistlines are getting lower and shirts are getting shorter…AAUUUGGGHHH

I think that this year’s trend seems to be the longer baby-doll shirts. This could work in your favor! :slight_smile:

I’m not in the tall girl club either.:slight_smile: But, I do have a similar problem. I’m 6’3" and have 37" sleeves. Lands end has been really great over the years.

Jeremy … I am so jealous of men’s sizing options…you get to buy pants by waist and inseam measurements in inches, shirts too !! This means that no matter where you go you always know you wear a set size - my size varies depending on where I shop, the cut, and believe or not sometimes it even changes with color and therefore on line shopping is HELLISH.

My soapbox about women’s clothing aside…my hubby is 6’5" and with the exception of his beloved button fly jeans we buy all his clothes at Eddie Bauer. We shop in the store and can always find talls and long inseams for him. Just got a bunch of tall polos for $14 !!!