Talk to me about needles please

At the moment I only have 2 sets of needles that came along with my Knitting for Dummies book.
I’ve been watching knitting shows though, and reading here a lot and I keep seeing the circle needles come up. Are they easier than knitting with 2 seperate needles? Can you knit all the same stuff with them?
What about bamboo needles vs. plastic or metal ones? Is any one better than the other or is it all about your preference?
I’m going to be buying some more supplies soon and I am not sure where to begin. Thanks so much for your input ladies!

Personally, I love Addi needles–they’re very slick metal.

Some people will have the same passion for bamboo–because they’re NOT slick.

You can knit back and forth on circs as well as knit in the round, so you can get away with only have circs if you want. I find I still use straights on small things because it just seems easier–plus I knitted for years on only straights, so they’re comfortable. On anything medium to large, though, I find myself reaching for the circs–they are a bit easier to knit with and the weight of the item gets distributed evenly. You also can’t lose one in the couch cushions! :rollseyes:

I only have circs and DPNs now…you can knit ANYTHING on them. DPNs can even be used as short straights if you stick some point protectors on one end of each…its a matter of both preference and frugality.

I love my Denise circ set, and otherwise, bamboo.

I think I prefer metal needles because, as Ingrid said, they’re slick. But for bulky yarn (and all these stupid hats I’m going to be making!), I like my bamboo double pointed needles because I don’t have to cap the ends for fear my work is going to slide off. :rollseyes:
It’s pretty much a matter of preference.
I like to use double pointed needles as straight needles, too. I don’t like the long ones…though I tend to get my dpns caught in my watch.

I’m pretty new at this as well and wondering the same things. I have bamboo straights, plastic circular, and metal circular. I really don’t like the plastic ones for some reason. The metal ones were fine for working for the most part, but they do seem to hurt my hands after awhile and they are cold. I really like the bamboo, they are light and easy to work with. Regarding straight or circs, I do like the circs, but the cord can be annoying if the project is small. That’s all I know so far. :wink: