Talk about last min

Ok Its 11:45pm.

15min before the day my family celebrates Christmas.

I just grafted the second toe of my husbands size 13 Christmas socks, wrapped them, and THREW it under the tree. These will have to be worn blocked.

Do you know how hard it is to knit a pair of size 13 socks in secret when you have a small child that has a very large mouth so you cant work on it when he’s around either. Thank goodness I had school time or I would have never got it done.

Im quite proud of myself. :yay:

Im going to bed now…LOL :passedout:

Merry Christmas!!

Oh! Good job!! :yay: You really celebrate early! I’d never be ready! :teehee:

I know the feeling of being rushed and having very select times to work. I still have to finish one scarf and make yet another one before Friday because they are for my older children and they are out of school and home all day so I can’t work on them. Then at night, I am chasing the 1 year old around because her “playmates” are already in bed, so I rarely get to work on them. UGH…

Good for you for finding the time to get your work done on time!:yay:

Excellent feeling when you finish on time in those circumstances!

I have no problem, however, giving knit gifts to someone while the knitting is still on the needle - especially to family members in the smae household. Sure makes it easier to finish quickly after the holiday when you don’t have to hide so much to work on it!

My older kids went on a road trip to California to close up an apartment so I got to knitting as soon as the door was shut. So far, one hat down and halfway done with one scarf, while trying to knit socks for the youngest. It’s a good thing that they tend to ignore me when I’m knitting so that I can sometimes get away with knitting out in the sunroom with them home.

I planned to knit secretly a shawl for my mom, but it really didn’t work out. She knows already, but she says she’ll act surprised when she receives the gift at the Christmas party.

Shawls are just too big to hide XD