Tale of the instant stash!

I am a new knitter, so needless to say I didn’t have any yarn to work with. I happened on a thrift shop that had just gotten in an enormous pile of yarn. There was a wide variety of some very nice stuff. They sold it to me for TEN CENTS a skein!!! I got 85 skeins for $8.50! Instant stash! The best part is that I am not as worried about making mistakes because I did not have to drop lots of cash.

85 skeins?! Are you kidding???


Time for you to join the Stashbusting Club over in KAL. :teehee:

Do take a picture for us!

85 skeins? For Only 8.50? You gotta be kididng me!

I will take a pic in a bit and (try to) post it. I am on the treadmill at the moment!! Knittinghelp.com makes exercise fly by! :happydance:

Wow! Lucky you to find such a stash! :happydance:

Please do :thumbsup:

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that is such an amazing find!!! I see so many gorgeous skeins… I only ever find ancient k-mart acyrilic @ thrift stores around here!

Wow, there’s some really pretty yarn in there!
Just think, this will be a tale you’ll be able to tell your knitting friends for years to come! (Heck, tell everybody, that’s a great stash!)
How cute is your cat…eyeing all that yarn like that!

uhhh, where do you live again :shrug: :teehee:

I live in Texas. Why?

WOW that is a crazy amount at such a awesome price. Geezzzzz ahhh it boggles my mind 85 for $8.50, that is unheard of. :notworthy:

Yeah my mom and I looked at eachother and started piling up the yarn as fast as we could!! I guess the lady who runs the place didn’t realize she could have gotten a lot more per skein!!

And exactly when are you going to be out? :whistle:

That’s incredible and I’m soooooooooooo [color=green][size=7]JEALOUS[/size][/color] :drool:

I know you’ll have loads of fun with all those pretties.

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

wow that is awesome! Of course any yarn is awesome at 10 cents! Doesn’t matter what it looks like!
Congrats on an awesome stash!

WOW. Most thrift stores just have junky acrylic, but it looks like you got some awesome stuff there! Way to be a bargain shopper!

Quick, while you still have your stash MOVE!

I think that is probably the best deal I have EVER heard about. GOOD FOR YOU!


WOW, what a shopping!! :woot: :clink:

Incredible !!:passedout:


Holy Cow~!!

You hit the freakin’ mother load~!! :cheering: :cheering: