Takumi Bamboo needles

Does anyone have Takumi Bamboo needles? if so how are they?

aren’t the Takumi the same as Clover? for some reason i thought they were. if they are that is all i ever knitted with when i started and i loved them.

love the slippery metal better now but still like the bamboo when i have to get them out!

i have several bamboo DPNs that i like…one is clover and one is another brand that ican’t recall right at the moment. i do like the other brand a bit better but it is just about the feel of the finish itself not the way it works.

I love bamboo needles and I have several pairs of takumi. I choose my needles based mostly on the project and the yarn I am using. Like all knit-a-holics, I have a gazillion pairs of needles. But I digress. I love bamboo needles and have been very pleased with my Takumis.

yeah Takumi is the same as Clover. i like tem. i also like ChiaoGoo. which is what all my DPNs are. Crystal Palace also have some good DPNs. they were my first bamboo and i fell in love with bamboo!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:

I love my Clover bamboo needles!

:crying: The only 2.75mm dpns I could have bought last night at my LYS were bamboo… I want to try them soooo bad. But my house + kids + DH = no bamboo ANYTHING for a few years… :frowning:

I’m not sure I understand the dilemma? Bamboo needles are very rugged. You don’t have to worry about them getting ruined. EXCEPT maybe by dogs. Don’t ask why I would say that. :thinking:

GREAT. thanks ya’ll.
I thought this would be a good pressie for my dh to give me for christmas.

yes…good present!! :thumbsup:

Nicole~ i’m with Carmen. i don’t understand why you can’t get them? :??

yeah carmell, now i’ll order and he can wrap and pat himself on the back. hehehehe. he hates shopping. I really don’t mind doing.

Will they survive being stepped on, vacuumed up {or an attempt to], being used as a baseball bat, substitute for crutches… or any other multitude of woes? If not, I can’t get 'em. Guaranteed anything that’s remotely breakable WILL be broken within days of entering this house. :crying: Gotta wait till my Dennis the Menace is a bit older… say 30!!! :roflhard:

You know my husband and I have been married a long time. We buy gift for ourselves. I am just as happy buying myself some knitting things, that he’d never be able to pick out on his own anyway. We go shopping together for our anniversary and pick out a big joint gift for each other. It’s just easier that way! They just want us to be happy, so why not?

carmen, how long have you been married? we are going on 33 years in Aug 06. :heart:
It does help, as we get what we want and there’s no returns’ line to stand in! LOL.

  1. Life is much simpler when you realize that the fact that your husband doesn’t know what to buy for your is NOT an indication of how much he loves you! Some people just are not good at choosing gifts.

yeah my husband was bad from day one! he got me a Precious Moment today for my B-day… not that i mind its just not what i asked him for… gift cert. are the best presents anyone can get me… but i asked for Paula Dean’s new cookbook… i mentioned it to mom today so maybe i’ll get it from her for Christmas.

Nicole~ WOW! how old is your son? i had to tell my kids all the time not to touch my stuff. if they want to tear up their own stuff fine but you better leave my stuff alone or we will have major issues. then somebody will prolly call child services on me after i get done whoopin ‘em! so my kids don’t mess with my stuff…every now and then they relapse and something comes up missin. but seriously, gurl put your stuff especailly stuff you want to keep up and away fro little hands that like to mingle into others peoples propety!!! you know what worked for my son when he was small…thumpin’ his little fingers!!

I :heart: love :heart: my bamboo needles, especially for sock knitting! I love how they warm in your hands and aren’t freezing when you first pick them up. I love how the oils in your hands and from the wool darkens them over time. I love how the feel as they knit up your work. I love how they are not metal or plastic. So natural and soft. I have several pair of various brands of bamboo needles. Crystal Palace, Clover, some others. I have found knitpicks has the best regular prices on them, but with a 40% or 50% off from JoAnn’s or Hobby Lobby you can pick them up rather cheaply. Hobby Lobby has 50% off sales on all knitting notions at least every 6 weeks. YOu have to get there the first day for a good selection of needles, but they at least carry the Clover ones even if they don’t carry all the sizes or all the varieties.

I hope you get Paula Deens cookbook, it is wonderful. i got mine at costco for a fantastic price of 14.00. She is so endearing, I love watching her on tv. I make her crab stew and her tomatoe pie all the time. I made Martha Stewarts tomatoe pie and the damn thing had to be thrown in the disposal, it was disgusting, I dont know how she herself could digest that crap she pawn off as food, but Paulas is great and I can eat the whole thing myself without a twinge of guilt.
Happy Birthday to you. :thumbsup:

one of my friends and i are mostly just in love with her son’s! :devil:

aren;t they FINE!!! i watched them for the thanksgiving show and was wondering how i could get one over to my house!!!

yeah Martha’s food is not very appitising.

The majority of my bamboos are Takumi/Clover. Love 'em!!
:heart: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :heart: :inlove: :heart: