Taking up continental

how long did it take to really get into the swing of things with continental. i learned to do it in two minutes, but im struggling with efficiency, nice even stitches, and comfort. my hands are crampy after just three rows! (15 stitches to a row. short!!)

when did you start to feel comfy with picking after being a thrower?

i havent attempted the purl yet. i kinda forgot about it! :oops:

When I switched to conti knitting I would say that it took me about a month to get nice even sts.

Purling continental took me longer, too. I think you’re doing great!


ok im just gonna use some cheap yarn and make a nice LOOONG scarf so i can practice. thanks for replying :muah:

Me too!!! :heart: :cheering: :cheering:

Another odd ball over here!!!