Taking pictures of your knitting

I have a brand spanking new digital camera and I’m so excited that I can finally take some good pictures of my WIPs and FOs. I’m having a problem though finding the right setting to take the pictures with. Do any of you have any suggestions of how to take good pics of your knitting? Flash/no flash, natural light, a certain scene setting? :shrug: Everyone always seems to have nice clear pictures.

I like to drape my knitting over Henry the cat. :teehee:

Other than that, I sometimes photograph my knitting - especially things like scarves - on the stairs. But most of the time I just try to get a neutral background. Depending on the color, I’ll choose the black tabletop, the burgundy couch or a light-colored sheet. Digital cameras are fun - just try a few things out: hang your knitting in the bushes, drape it over furniture, etc.

I think natural (think outside) lighting works best. A day that isn’t too sunny is even better. The colors appear more accurate.

I really like to see the garment on a person. I realize this isn’t always possible, since it requires a second person to take the picture.


I always use natural light and I rarely use a flash. I think knitted things looks great on the grass. Or on wood. Maybe hardwood floors or a polished table made of wood. Just make sure you’re near a window that gets plenty of sunlight.
The type of sunlight changes your picture too. On a cloudy or overcast day the light you get will be much softer. Your knitting/yarn will be lit all around.
On a clear day you’ll get a harder light which will produce more defined shadows and more obvious areas of dark and light.

Another tip is to use the macro function on your camera when you’re trying to get close ups of your knitting… The icon on the button or feature usually looks like a flower. When you use macro you’ll be able to get in pretty close and still have your picture stay in focus.
You’ll also get an instant shallow depth of field–meaning the foreground will be in focus and the background will be blurry. I really love how it looks. :smiley:

Hope this helps!

All great tips so far!

I will run my picture through my photo editing software to automatically make color adjustments (brightness/contrast). Sometimes I like what the computer does, sometimes I don’t.

I have found a good spot in my house to take pictures, but I have to do it in the morning because of the way the light comes in through the window.

Enjoy the camera!

I prefer natural light. I usually lay them on them carpet or table in my dining room with the blinds all the way open. Sometimes I go outside.

Try not to use an distracting backgrounds or patterns like a bedspread or tablecloth.

Thanks for the ideas. It looks like I’m going to have to go outside to get some better light for pictures.

I honestly take about 4 or 5 pics of every project. Inside with flash, without flash, outside with and without. I too use my photo software to make corrections.

I always take pictures of my knitting on my bed; as a result, my pictures always include a look at whatever “mom quilt” is on the bed at any given time. :teehee:

I am also new to digital cameras and I don’t think it’s helping at all that the one we got is an SRL. (What’s yours?)
I discovered this weekend though that if you must take pictures in the middle of the night, remove the colored lampshades first! :wall:

I take mine inside, next to a window, so in indirect natural light. I use the “fast shutter” setting on my (dinosaur) digital camera and it works great – occasionally I have to tweak the white balance, but it works surprisingly well :thumbsup:

An SLR? If so, I love mine! I got it because I loved my old-school film SLR do much. :teehee: What kind is yours?

Also, I’m all for natural lighting, but am I the only one weirded out by the fact that people hang their knitting in trees and throw it in bushes? :oops:

Cate, I think it’s really odd too. :teehee: Stephanie Pearl-McPhee made the most hilarious comment about it last night, and I was :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: …thinking, “that is the mark of a knitblogger – when someone mentions taking pictures of their knitting in the bushes, and you know what they’re talking about.” :rofl:

does anyone else use a light box? i use it to take pics of soaps i make, so i figure it would work for knitting, as well. unless i’m having my dd’s model my fo’s. :muah:

oh yeah, when i use the light box, i either use it outside, or inside with no flash with lamps set up all around.

An SLR? If so, I love mine! I got it because I loved my old-school film SLR do much. :teehee: What kind is yours?

Also, I’m all for natural lighting, but am I the only one weirded out by the fact that people hang their knitting in trees and throw it in bushes? :oops:[/quote]

Can you tell I haven’t even seen a camera since college? :teehee:

It’s a Nikon D70, actually a loan/donation from my father until I buy my own. I’m completely lost just looking at it…

As for bushes, I don’t know about that. There are an awful lot of dogs in my neighborhood.

Ohhh, D70! I got the D50. I was impatient and couldn’t afford the D70. :teehee:

I’ve got a Canon Digital Rebel XT which is a DSLR, too. I am in the market for a pocket camera and I think I’m going to get a Canon Powershot A710 IS.

And no, I don’t use a lightbox.

I prefer natural light, too :wink:

One other thing, when taking close up pictures, always set the mode to close up mode, in other words you’ll see the little yellow flower symbol somewhere showing that you’ve set the camera to close up mode. For common distance pictures just use the normal mode. :thumbsup:

I’m looking forward to see your nice pictures! :teehee:

I put mine on one of the patio chairs in natural light. No flash.