Taking out stitches

I made a mistake knitting yesterday and need to take out 3 purls and then 30 knit stitches. How do I do this? :?? Is there a particular method? Are there any videos on this site that show how? I didn’t see any. Thanks.

Yes, we commonly call this tinking. Tink is knit spelled backwards. There is a video about it, look under “Tips” and scroll down to Fixing Mistakes, it is the first thing in that category. If you need any further help with it holler.

I described ‘tinking’ in another post yesterday:

Pick your knitting up like you would to keep knitting, with the yarn hanging behind the work by your right hand. Now swap what you’re holding in each hand so that you turn your work and the yarn is now on your left and at the front. If you pull on the yarn, you’ll see the last stitch you made tighten around the left needle. Place your right needle tip into the st below the one on the needle, and slide the stitch off of the left needle. Pull the yarn and you will lose that stitch, but the right needle has the one below so all is well. The yarn is still falling from the left needle, from the st closest to the needle tip. Keep undoing sts as needed.

Thanks. I must be blind. There are several videos on it. I had heard the term “tink” but could not figure out why it was called that. It makes sense now.