Taking out a mistake

Hi -

I am knitting the front piece of a quasi-complicated cable pattern. I completely forgot about ‘neck shaping’ and continued to knit away. I am not faced with having to take out 25 or so rows. Normally I would take the rows out stitch by stitch - but thought i might ask to see if anyone out there had any better/easier suggestions.

Thank you !

Yeah, what I do is take the needles out, rip back to the end of the row above where I need to fix, then put the sts back on the needle as I take out the last row stitch by stitch. There may be a video on the Tips page for reinserting the needle. Don’t worry about whether the sts are twisted, just get them back on the needle first, the reorient them the right way as you knit back across that row.

I agree with Suzeeq, however I’d like to add this: if you rip down to the affected area, use a needle at least 3 sizes smaller.[U] It really helps to “scoop” the live stitches sitting there[/U].

And when you begin to re-knit, just knit that first row right off of the smaller needle. [U]No need to transfer all those stitches onto the gauge needle[/U]. Just be sure to [I]put the smaller needle away[/I] after that first row…don’t mistakenly keep knitting with it. That’s why I use a radically smaller needle for picking up live stitches. I keep a US4 right by me, dangling from my pencil cup. And I usually knit with US8 and US9’s. The US4 is my picker-upper! We veteran knitters have to frog back to correct errors, too!

Thanks ArtLady I forgot to mention that it helps to use a smaller needle. I generally use the same one, but I knit at a pretty loose gauge and lace things so it’s not as dense as most knits.

Thanks All —