taking inc edge sts into pattern

1st row knit 2nd row purl 3rd row k1,[k2tog] 4 times, [yfwd,k1] 8 times, [k2tog] 4 times, k1. 26 sts
4th row knit repeat last 4 rows inc one st at EACH END of every foll 5th row until 44 sts are on the needle taking inc edge sts into pattern

Hi and welcome!
What is it you’re making? Can you give us a pattern name or a link please?
This sounds like it might continue as Old Shale pattern?

Hi, its a mermaid tail in Marriner super chunky. I got the pattern from shaws. Thank you Lou

I’m wondering if the pattern extends to each side and whether there are any more stitches to be added?
The row that is the problem is row 3 of course. The next pattern stitch would be the [ywfd,k1] and that would eventually extend for 8sts. But you need to balance it out with the [k2tog]4x or else you’ll be adding stitches on every row 3.
Right now a row has 26sts which eventually increase to 44sts. That’s 18 sts increased, 9 on each side. So you wouldn’t have enough to work a balanced pattern repeat (that is, both ywfds and k2togs).
Is this your own pattern then? Could you work the increase sts in stockinette on either side of this pattern stitch?

Would it be easier if I sent you a photo of the pattern? I don’t think I explained it very well.

Sure, if you think that’ll help or post a photo here Better not to post large portions of a pattern here, however.

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