**Taken**To Give Away to a new knitter: 5 & 6mm circulars

I have two circular needles to give away, that were given to me, but I got a set of interchangables for Christmas.

I don’t know the brand name, they weren’t packaged. The needles are aluminum/metal. The cables are very thin, see-through plastic, very flexible. They’re both around 30" tip-to-tip. Size 5mm & 6mm.

I’d like to give them away to a new knitter… preferably someone who hasn’t tried knitting with circulars yet but would like to, and maybe just doesn’t have the extra $$ floating around to buy new needles at the moment.

First person to post that they want them can have them. If you’re the first to reply, just pm me your mailing information. I’ll pay shipping in Canada or to the US. Thanks! :slight_smile:

I don’t need them; I just want to send you a thanks! :hug:

That is such a sweet thing to do…:thumbsup:

Hi there,

You are very kind! If the offer still stands, I would love them. I’ve read the metal needles are the best to learn on! I would be willing to trade them for some yarn if you would like. I could send you something you’ve been looking for, or just a surprise color. Let me know!

See now isn’t that nice, knitters are the best people in the world. :muah:

couture… I replied to your pm before I read this. They’re yours :slight_smile: I don’t need anything in trade, though it’s sweet of you to offer. I didn’t pay anything for the needles, and it’ll only cost a couple dollars to mail, so no worries :slight_smile:

Hehehe. I replied to your pm before this…:wink:

Thank you again!

I just wanted to say that is so nice of you!

I only had one pair of needles but my grandma kindly donated two pairs to me this xmas, you have inspired me to give mine away when I o longer need them.

That is so nice.:muah: :yay:

Agreed! She was so nice!!! The needles are great, and I made my first hat with them over the weekend!

Thanks again angie!

oh, I’m so glad they arrived and they’re working out for you! Enjoy!

Oh, poo! :sad:

Seems like I’m alwasy late to the party. :wink:

It was a wonderful offer! Makes sense that someone had already replied, but I couldn’t miss a chance to double my needle count.

Passing things forward reminds me of those commercials where the keep tossing the keys around.

–Jack :guyknitting:

I’m with Jack, always late…

I was so excited to see this as I just posted an entry last night about one of my interchangeable needles not fitting on the cable that just arrived in the mail (after I had cast on my stitches).

Don’t forget to add to your title that these are taken now…:wink:


Whoops! Sorry ladies! I didn’t know I could edit my thread title!

Excuse me, but I’m Jack as in the nickname for John. :wink:

:guyknitting: :roll:

omgosh, I’m sorry! Please don’t take it personally, I post on several message boards that are like 99% women, and it was force of habit :oops:

The hadzards of posting on a craft forum “that’s like 99% women.”[/COLOR]